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SCBA is broken down into 4 Sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer).  Each Session starts and ends the same way as follows:


  • First Week: Basketball Clinic: Skills clinic for new and returning players the week prior to the Jamboree


  • Second Week. Jamboree: Very important Day.  During the Jamboree we initially set the teams up by size.  The players are lined up by height and depending on the number of teams for that age group we then count down.  For example, if we have 40 children and desire 8 players per team we will then count 1-8 and all the 1’s will be a team followed by the 2’s etc.  Then we begin a series of 4 minute games where we evaluate the skill levels of each team.  You will see players moved during the games so that we make the teams as balanced as possible.  Nothing is perfect so we reserve the right to continue moving children during Game 1 and sometimes Game 2 of the Session.  This why the Jamboree is so important for 100% attendance.


  • Practice Locations: Presently we practice at Britton Middle School.  One hour before each game your children will locate their teams/coach outside the main gym and nearby the Auditorium on the blacktop on the east end of school.  Only the first games of the day will practice indoors.  All others will have their one hour practice outside as long as weather permits.  It is very helpful to have your children at practice 10-15 minutes prior to the start of practice so they get the full hour of drills and coaching prior to the game


  • Third Week: Game Day: Following the Jamboree we officially begin the Session with Game 1.  Each Saturday your child will have a 1 hour practice followed immediately by their game.  Each game is played with a running clock of 8 minute quarters.  The games are stopped in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters for mandatory substitution.  You will notice that each coach has a “Green” sheet in their possession.  This sheet determines who should be playing in the first three quarters by a numbering system.  For example, if there are 8 players on the team they will be numbered 1-8.  When the game begins only players 1-5 will be on the floor for the first 4 minutes.  Then we stop the quarter and you will hear the coach call out numbers 6, 7,8,1,2 to compete in the next 4 minute period.  Once 3 quarters are completed then the 4th quarter is “Coaches Choice”.  Some coaches will choose to continue using the “Green Sheet” for substitution purposes.  Others will freely choose players to start the period and if they choose they can play the entire period.  No stoppage of the game clock at four minute mark other than 2 timeouts per team per half in the fourth quarter.


  • Playoffs: For our older divisions A, B, C and HS we offer an end of season playoff schedule.  All teams compete for the championship and depending on the number of teams the schedule is determined over a period of 2 weekends typically.


  • Number of Teams per Division:  SCBA will divide into as many teams as we can manage with 8-11 players per team.  We will conduct and manage a league with as few as 2 teams but no more than 10 teams.


  • Coaches:  SCBA is an all volunteer Basketball Academy.  We have a fine mix of experienced coaches followed by new parents and High School upper class that participate in the program.  We have individuals who monitor our coaches program and offer everything from Skill Drills to complete Practice Schedules to further enhance the coach’s experience while providing an enriching environment for your children. If you are interested in coaching or becoming an assistant coach, please contact Terry Smith- Director of Coaches=   

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